About the Server

PoliticalHub is a comfortable political based server thats great for everyone of all ideologies! In this server we not only focus on political topics and debates, but we also have fun with things such as movies nights, and chats with one another. On top of the fun and debates, we also offer lessons on things such as communism, capitalism, or LGBTQ+ history, with the goal of educating people on the "other side." We welcome people of all beliefs, whether you're a hardcore leftist or a full on trump supporter. As long as you are respectful and follow the rules when applicable, this server will be a perfect space for you!


We have weekly debates on a multitude of topics, as well as organized VC / text chat debates that are well moderated and fun!

Movie Nights

We have movie nights ever so often! It's fun for all members and we have interesting discussions on things such as the movies meaning, what characters we don't like, and if we enjoyed the movie overall afterwards.

Amazing Staff

The staff of PoliticalHub is unbiased towards people of any beliefs, and are always engaging with the rest of the members!

PoliticalHub is an incredible server with a friendly staff and great people, they hold a variety of channels ranging from peaceful discussions to spirited debates. It holds a great staff to enforce rules, and moderate debates. In addition the community of PoliticalHub is very kind and thoughtful people I am glad to know, they are quick to accommodate any people’s requests or issues and are quick to help people with any of their problems.

Octopus Crusader
Octopus Crusader
Member, PoliticalHub